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Charlie Goldstein

Guess what? I might be the first hippie pin up girl! (Janis Joplin)
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Encountering a girl like Charlie Goldstein feels like a reunion, as if one returns to childhood adventures. Maybe you were lucky enough to have such a charming girl by your side when you were young. This girl who would encourage you to jump into the cold water, who stood by your side when teachers and parents were doing you injustice. We all know darling heroines like her from books by Charles Dickens, John Irving and Astrid Lindgren: courageous, yet fragile kids whose strength lies in the fact that they do not surrender, in spite of their objectively observable weakness. The desire of adventure based solely on its danger, diving into it. Charlie’s most recent adventure is called glamour. She is a lady of the world – and to be frank: Why would she not be; she has the legs to back it up. And why even bother to immediately shave and perfume? No, she does not want to dress up; she wants to stay herself: a Hamburg hippie girl with a strong mind-set. Let’s have a look at what the world has to offer her, shall we?


Charlie Goldstein about herself.

In every woman’s life, there comes a moment when only one thing helps… Wait, how is this supposed to continue, again? A joint? A wedding gown? Completely wrong! Wasn’t there this bubbly drink of which the moneybags think it looks great in a narrow glass between my slender fingers? Nice hands? Me? When I have not just been changing my bicycle chains… Oh yes, the gentlemen seem to know exactly what way they would like me to be like. “Such great legs, but then these coarse boots!” – well, they will either allow me to run away faster or you will have to take them off me, as if I were a countess on a throne. And after that, in the middle of some pleasure between the sheets that is not a pillow fight, you may find the cigarette that is still behind my ear. Then please just don’t tell me I have pretty ears, for I may faint. However, this bubbly drink in the narrow glass… I could get used to that!



Profession: sociologist

Languages: German, English

Height: 1,65 m

Figure: tomboy-like, delicate

Eye colour: light grey

Hair colour: tobacco blond bangs

Skin tone: fresh apple

Perfume: Pure Pheromone

Favourite dish: vegetarian without tofu

Favourite drink: bloody mary

Favourite bar: in Hamburg: Vlet in Speicherstadt; in Berlin: Nobelhart&Schmutzig

Can be booked in: Hamburg and globally