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Jeanne Bergman

It's a waste of time to do something mediocre. (Madonna)
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What a woman! Truly not for the narrow-minded, Jeanne Bergman is not easy to master. She is strikingly mature for her young age, shines bright like a floodlight, is stylish, confident and very lady-like – if she wants. Yet, the lady is a tramp! – or perhaps a vamp? Precisely because Jeanne Bergman is so irresistibly feminine, she loves masculinity and those men who are truly masculine. They are the ones who will conquer her, who will force their way into her inner self and thus will awaken her electrifying lust, that transgresses boundaries. With this epitome of a lover you can quarrel and then make up again with a kiss; you can laugh with her, develop a criminal kind of energy and roam the streets at night ­ the only thing you may not be, is petty, for she will never forgive you this sort of self-humiliation. It is this hedonist rigour that secures the uncorrupted brilliance of her bright eyes.



Jeanne Bergman about herself.

I am addicted. Addicted to the taste of freedom!

I left my childhood behind me at an early age. I have always managed on my own and I would rather perish than submissively obey to anyone. I am a tramp, a wild child. I sing with my head up high in the darkness. I may be in free fall, but I am enjoying it as if I were victorious. My life is like a delightful turmoil on the rhythm of my heartbeat. Nothing can keep hold of me, except for Berlin. Berlin is my city. Here, I unfold my open nature, unabashedly, in a cheerful, yet sophisticated way. Let us get to the point: Who are you really? Are you living your life like I am; the life that you want to live? Trust yourself with me, allow yourself to be torn away, or, better still: tear me away! Show me passion!




Profession: graphic designer

Languages: German, English

Height: 173

Figure: athletic with curves

Breasts: 80C

Skin: vanilla beige

Eyes: ocean green

Hair: gold blonde

Parfume: Altaia „By any other name“

Favorite drink: Moscow Mule

Favorite restaurant: Kopps