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Maia Ceres

Secrets are the currency of intimacy. (Frank Warren)
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Oh, this suggestive smile. Did Maia Ceres catch you in her net of mermaid hair? This gold blond girl with velvety cheeks looks like she just escaped from an oil painting by a Dutch master. An innocent witch, an outrageous novice. She looks like decency itself, sitting there with her porcelain doll face and the inner peace of a Da Vinci Madonna. Maia’s face may actually be a curse, for the lovely child has her both feet firmly on the ground. Maia Ceres has a healthy appreciation for all earthly things. This petite, yet dangerous sex bomb has a dry sense of humor and gets a thrill out of effortlessly floating between heaven and earth. Just the whiff of a change in her facial expression, an almost invisible twitch of the eyebrows turns this blissful angel into a lascivious rococo mistress with perky breasts and a marzipan skin. Delectable!


Maia Ceres about herself.

You brought me flowers? How lovely! I adore flowers. Lilies of the valley and apple blossom, wild roses and the intoxicating phlox. I would like to run with you, through meadows and forests on our way to go swim naked. We float on the dark mirror of the lake, wafting, feeling redeemed. It’s like falling into heaven. The air is washed out by rain showers, breathing petrichor. At the waterfront, we proceed with carnal desires, soft thighs being firmly grasped, the fresh, cool skin after bathing, the rain, the high grass full of pearls. A human body, too, has its bloom, exuding aphrodisiac scents and, in my case, sometimes also nectar! You have no time for a country outing? And breaking into an open-air pool with me at night you do not want to do, either? Then just bring me flowers! Be it just some rose petals, you would scatter onto the bed.




Profession: aerialist

Languages: German, English

Height: 1,73 m

Figure: vital and strong

Bust: 85B

Shoe size: 39

Eye colour: madonna blue

Hair colour: brass

Skin tone: almond milk

Perfume: “Péché Cardinale“ Parfums MDCI

Favourite drink: white wine

Favourite bar/restaurant: Reinstoff