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Marlène Lombard

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. (Katherine Hepburn)
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Marlène Lombard is like your best friend, the one you go bar-hopping with at night, captured in the body of a blond top model. That is actually how this short text could end, in order for you to be able to book her even faster. However, to increase your joyful anticipation, we would like to add that her noblesse is that of the proud Charlottenburg girl who drops in at Paris Bar on her pumps, wearing a fur coat. She is a confident woman, who does not need a shoulder to lean on. Her smile lightens up any chilly party, her genuine empathy and warm-heartedness save your day in an instant. Please, just do not take Marlène to a place that may be too stiff; rather conquer a spot in the crowd at Bar Tausend, to get as close as possible to this friendly diva’s divine skin or to have her coo in your ear with her dark velvety voice. It is the well-trained voice of a singer. She could actually perform a show segment on stage. Or better yet, lull you to sleep whilst the nightingales beat their wings in Tiergarten 


Marlène Lombard about herself.

I love hearing the click-clack of my high heels on wet cobblestones after a long night; the foggy memory of lust shared ten minutes ago; of the mysterious stranger who is now blissfully asleep. Just a minute ago, our bodies were merged, in tantric ecstasy; you, in my arms. I know exactly when one of those perfect moments is approaching. When there are no spiritual blocks keeping us from merging into this perfect flow. It does feel good, that inner freedom. Like a Tango Argentino at four in the morning. With ruffled hair. After sex. Before sex. Now my hair has your scent and no one is able to understand my smile in this morning grey city that makes me feel so good. I can rely on my gut. It is reliable like the purring chassis of a 1973 Mercedes Benz 240. And when I am satisfied, I purr as well.




Profession: jazz singer

Languages: German, English, Spanish

Bust: 75 C

Height: 1,80 m

Figure: lean racehorse

Hairstyle: long very fair

Eye colour: Prussian blue

Skin tone: rosé gold

Perfume: Detaille „Shéliane“

Favourite drink: whiskey sour

Favourite bar: Paris Bar