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Up to 2 hours – for casual dinner or drinks:      700,- €   plus taxi (100,-€)

Up to 4 hours – classic dinner date:   1.000,- €    plus taxi (100,-€)    

Up to 6 hours: 1.500,- €     

Up to 8 hours:  2.000,- €   

Up to 12 hours: 3.000,- €

Up to 24 hours: 4.000,- €

Up to 48 hours: 5.000,- €

Each additional day: 1.000,- €



These rates apply to the booking of one singular Hetaera by one singular client. If you are accompanied by your partner, the rate will be increased by 50%. 

Are you a woman? Marvellous! Our hetaerae love both women and men.

On request, it is possible for our hetaerae to travel outside of Berlin. Please use our contact form. 


Hotel service

If you want assistance for booking your hotel room, we are happy to do so for you. Please write us at Hetaera Berlin will organize everything for you. Upon arrival in the bar, your discreet female companion will hand you the key card to your hotel room. After the rendezvous, you leave the hotel without further ado and go your way. No third person will ever know that you were there.