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Thaïs Rumi

Close your eyes. Fall in love. Stay there. (Rumi)
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Look at Thaïs Rumi! Vivid and sensitive like a beautifully coloured butterfly. Her nature and her shape are one: gracefully slender, empathetic and vulnerable. Her beauty makes one apprehensive. For when such grace adorns itself with sensitive gentleness instead of cool pride, it is both foreign and irresistible at the same time. What does this openness hide, where is the snag, the poison? Those big eyes in that narrow face are so shiny, so wide awake. So dark. Eyes like deadly nightshades. Her gentle smile hides secret sorrows. A secret that makes you want to get to the bottom of it, in order to cope with the bitter emotion that has seized the heart like sweet agony. Wanting to completely possess her is in vain! You will only end up with empty shells, whereas her smile will evade, just like the touch of warmth where she slept, vulnerable and gentle.


Thaïs Rumi about herself:

I am Bajadere, the temple dancer created to be marvelled at in reverie, trained for devotion, full of serenity. My consciousness is always directed at my limbs, at the symmetry of my movement dancing in the beam of light. Let your hands approach cautiously. I want to feel light when you lift me up. There is not a single part of my beauty that I want to keep for myself. I am not grounded enough to dwell upon my appearance too long. It attracts you, whereas I already proceed, sliding, floating; forgetting myself. Your pulse makes me tremble from the inside. Will you let me continue my way to your heart, or will will you keep me at a safe distance, in order to dissect me? To reduce me to an equation of my soul and my anatomy? Excited like a butterfly researcher.




Profession: burlesque dancer

Languages: german, english, arabian

Height: 178 cm

Figure: tall and lean

Breasts: 75A

Shoes: 39

Skin: sandal wood

Eyes: belladonna

Haarfarbe: palisander

Parfume: Féminiteé du bois, Serge Lutens

Favorite drink: Champagner (Dom Pérignon)

Favorite restaurant: Crackers / Cookies Cream