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Victoria Monteverdi

Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me? (Mae West) Book now!Rates


Be well on time, in order to witness this long-legged courtesan stride through a room. Do light and sound suddenly seem dimmed? She moves slowly, gracefully like a dancer, shrouded in supple sensuality. As soon as she is in front of you, you will first marvel at her lips: this luscious mouth, made for jazz arias, with which she will whisper her nonchalant words to you. The sound of her dark, soft voice is like warm wafts of mist surrounding her. Victoria Monteverdi awakens longings for forbidden, strong substances such as opium and absinth.

If this mysterious beauty cares to raise her heavy, long-lashed eyelids, you will dive into the hazy gaze of her misty eyes: very, very lascivious. What are you waiting for?


Victoria Monteverdi about herself.

Imagine how the lights go down in a small cabaret. How the wine-red velvet curtains open up and you see a stage illuminated by warm light… This is my world! Quietly I approach from the side and I am standing right in front of you on the edge of the stage – is my smile meant just for you? Yes, tonight I give it only to you, for you are my special guest in the velvety suite. You may admire me in complete tranquility, my leopard body in the light beam, whereas you are wrapped in a semi-shady incognito. Look at me enjoying this. I am dancing for you, giving you my soul. You are closer to me than you would dare to dream. You should become my slave, because I want to become yours. The light beam is following me as I approach you to conquer you with a first, overwhelming kiss. The strings are playing pizzicato, the curtains are being closed. In the end, I am just a girl in your arms. A girl from Berlin.



Profession: actress

Languages: german, english

Height: 1,72m

Figure: slim, tender

Breasts: 75B

Skin: olive gold

Eyes: aquamarine blue

Hair: châtaigne

Parfume: „Lieber Gustav“, Krigler

Favorite restaurant: Pauly Saal