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Zoe Zolá

Excuse me, while I kiss the sky! (Jimi Hendrix)
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There are pretty girls; there are beautiful women; and then there are these breath-taking overwhelming creatures who always seem to be in the eye of the hurricane: calm and composed, while the world around them is being sucked into this maelstrom of admiration. Zoé Zola is one of these rare creatures. Tall and majestic, she towers above the stouter staff near the ground, like a Greek goddess. Only half aware of her own magic, she brushes through her hair with her slender fingers – she has that which Parisian women call je ne sais quoi: this mixture of elegance and coolness, all natural, utterly effortless. Yet, what is it, this enchanting glamourous air that – whether she wants it, or not – bestows star qualities on a girl. Exactly! That’s it: For Zoé, there are things more important than looks. She moves in philosophical spheres; her serious, big eyes sparkle with spirit. Talking to this beautiful intellectual, her deep, dark voice will captivate you – even more so and inevitably will the depth and the cerebral echo of each and every conversation with her. Still, Zoé remains confident with effortless ease. Magnificent – in every way.



Zoe Zolá about herself.

The key criterion for a revolutionary idea is its practical application. To do something, to be something – it’s this change in position with respect to the world that enables true recognition. Changes want to be lived. My conscious decision to be a hetaera was born from a deep-rooted conviction. It is my contribution to the fight for an open society. I know that it is not enough to talk about it or to write about it. I have to BE it, fill abstract theories with life. Life – is it not wonderful? As my cavalier, you are my partner in crime, my comrade on the barricades against narrow-mindedness, my companion in libertinage. It is about self-liberation, both for you and for me. We drink red wine at the open window, flick cigarettes into the night. We share our minds and then we unite, in wordless unanimity, again and again, until we are high from exhaustion. Remorse? For whom? For the industrial society that is right now coming to an end? A human being has a right to sex with attractive strangers, to shamelessly being naked, to cigarettes, to drugs, to being intoxicated with joy, to a bit of living on the edge. If this is all that remains, we have to defend it even more ardently. It’s our freedom, let’s seize it.



Profession: existentialist

Height: 1,85 m

Figure: remarkably lean with endless legs

Shoe size: 41

Bust: 75 A

Eye colour: thuja green

Hair colour: ambergis

Skin tone: cocoa butter

Perfume: Bois d’Arménie, Guerlain

Favourite drink:

Favourite bar: The Grand