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Anouk Téboul

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. (Coco Chanel)
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“I admit, I am her victim. I went bankrupt for the scent of her skin! These voluptuous lips; they are like a rosebud in an Agadir Harem!” This is how the visitors of a Paris belle époque salon would have talked about Anouk Téboul: a Maghreb odalisque, the latest project of a group of wealthy impresarios, a creature of luxury. It was a time in which determined talents could ruin royal houses driven by curiosity, amorality and strong self-confidence. Anouk does it. The refinement of her manners is that of the highest circles. In the boudoir, she will shine like a sultana of Córdoba and the majority of her admirers will barely be able to cope with her majestic gaze. However, the chosen one will be the luckiest man alive, sacrifying himself to this mesmerising creature. Although she knows all this, Anouk has the freshness of a novice in the maison close… Her time has come.



Anouk Téboul about herself.

J’aime Paris! However, in Berlin, I will discover myself. Please forgive me, you salons of Saint Germain; it is in Mitte where new ideas are born, while drinking champagne from a bottle and on cracked asphalt not stopping me on my high heels. Berlin, the sex capital of Europe? Très cool. Where else can a girl have so much fun and learn to trust herself at the same time? I do not need a prince charming, nor a sugar daddy. I have always been spoilt. I want to seduce like a femme fatale. How far can I go? I want to live in the advanced mode; I want the excitement, the big drama. No mansplaining, please! The only thing I would like to learn is obtuseness. Merci, Simone de Beauvoir.



Profession: Manager

Languages: German, English, Spanish, French

Height: 170 cm

Figure: Sporty curves, long legs

Shoes: 41

Skin: Crema

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Mahogany

Breasts: 75C

Parfume: Chance, Chanel

Favorite food: Les crustacés

Favorite drink: Champange Roederer Cristal Rosé

Favorite restaurant: in Berlin: Rutz Restaurant, in Hamburg: Nikkei Nine


Bookable in Hamburg, Berlin and worldwide.