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Djuna Schwarzenbach

In order to rise from it´s own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn. (Octavia Butler)


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A mythical creature, a mystery, a contradiction. Serious and eccentric at the same time. The perfect alchemy is where that remote Hungarian lineage touches upon the East African line, that she has also inherited. Her elegance, she owes to her Ethiopian ancestors, just like the exotic grace of her face, that resembles a magical mask. Djuna’s charm is extraordinary in such a way that it makes you shy and wanting to grab this creature naked at the same time. You want to observe this body of rare beauty as if it were an artefact. Yet, there is something about her that always remains inapproachable and invulnerable; it serenely escapes raw desire. For her own desire is too wild, too untamed, especially when it is directed towards another female creature. She exudes an energy of which the source is much older than she herself is. It’s an obscure succubus connection, if you know what I mean. Supple and nefarious, like the demon.


Djuna about herself.

I am here and I am not here. I am… everywhere. I am a night spirit, a nomad. I cannot be caught, yet, I am there; there, where I always am, ‘cause I’m a voodoo child. When you are under the spell of the mask, you don’t need to look underneath it. In the face of inscrutability, it is not research, but devotion that leads to the desired result. Clear-sightedly and unconsciously, with an animal instinct, I navigate both of us in the direction of the winding path that is overgrown with dark desire. Together with me, you will find yourself in a foreign country that feels strangely familiar. But then again; haven’t you always sensed that some beautiful female magicians must exist, relentless, powerful entities looking right through you, liberating and healing?


Profession: Perfumer

Languages: German, English

Height: 1,64 m

Shoe size: 36

Body type: Slender and sinewy

Complexion: Cinnamon

Eye colour: Lava

Hair colour: Dark chocolate with a silver strand

Perfume: Jicky de Guerlain

Favourite drink: Champagne Jacquesson Avize Champ Caîn Extra Brut

Favourite food: Plâtes flambées

Favourite restaurant in Berlin: Nobelhart&Schmutzig  

                                   in Vienna: O boufés