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Fanny van Harden

Tomorrow's gone – we'll have tonight! (Dorothy Parker)
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For us at Hetaera it is no secret: Fanny van Harden is not your usual pin up beauty, but she still is the woman with whom you will have fantastic sex. You can resist beauty, but not charm. Fanny van Harden’s charm is that of an intelligent woman, who does not need to prove anything to anyone. Fanny is the pure form of a new Berliner. The metropolis demands a tight rhythm and there is little room for sentimentality. At night, Fanny presents herself as a twenties Charleston girl; she knows how to drink, to smoke and to dance. In these apocalyptic times, she is the intellectual with the strong drink or the cool gangster bride who does not fear anything in this world. A conversation with her is as taunting as the cool barrel of a gun against your temple. Still, Fanny does not dominate just to impress, but simply because she can. Enjoy the rare pleasure of exposing to the desire of a woman who does not want to be taken but rather takes what she wants, without further ado, fearlessly and shockingly relaxed.



Fanny van Harden about herself.

Let’s get to business right away: Having sex is essential, just like eating, drinking and reading. My heroes are pioneers and explorers, whose biggest merit is their open mind, being free of prejudice. I am an explorer as well, travelling right across Europe. Yet, I am not one of those poor artists: Everything I do is relevant and has a practical value. I am financially secure and regard my work as an escort as this eccentric hobby I have, that provides me with the relaxation I so desperately need, and enables me to have fun with my craving body. Being a great chap myself, I have nothing against a strong macho, just like Dorothy Parker was friends with Ernest Hemmingway. Intellectual tension is my elixir, just like sexually charged communication is. For sex is none other than the continuation of sex with other means. Yes, you are right: I am an eccentric, provocative woman, whose sassiness can provide us both with a lot of pleasure. You just have to be a little brave. What could happen? Don’t we know this already, this dance on the volcano, all of the crises we will have to overcome. We will be hungover either way, so let’s just enjoy the party.



Profession: private detective

Languages: German, English, French

Height: 167 cm

Figure: curvy with slender legs

Bust: 65DD

Skin tone: summer at Wannsee

Eye colour: steel blue

Hair colour: ash blond pixie cut

Perfume:  Ménage-à-trois by Zarkoperfume

Favourite drink: dry martini

Favourite food: olive

Favourite restaurant: Pauly Saal