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Lily Badu

All memories must pass through oblivion, forgetting in truth is memory. (Marguerite Duras)


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Lily Badu is a majestic Persian cat with black jewel eyes like jade set in n adorably beautiful face. She has the soft grace of a Buddhist deva resting on the sunny warm stairs of an old temple. Isn’t this truly a body for which temples for the celebration of femininity should be erected? Such splendid sensuality, such voluptuous curves of a vigorous, agile body, such perfect beauty! This creature is the abundance of abundance, the awakening of ancient desires, boding the profoundest and most extensive fulfillment. It is the absoluteness of femininity itself, oozing from every single exquisite cell of this overwhelming woman. Crowds of enraptured pilgrims yearn to kiss their deva’s delicate toes. Lily’s taut and silky skin is firm and tender like the petals of certain tropical flowers. And just like these, it is poisonous and beguiling at the same time. Some want to possess her seductive flesh so badly that they wish to devour it, like the tiger snatching the lascivious hind. Yet, who knows whether they themselves are not devoured by Lily’s sensual lips luring them like the calyx of a carnivorous plant. How many blissful victims are hidden behind her gentle smile? A myriad of desires, fulfilled and forgotten, cherished by her body’s taciturn memory. You don’t even need to know that this contemporary version of a temple deity has devoted its bright mind not to religion, but to science.


Lily Badu about herself.

Calm down, don’t be confused by what people tell you about who you should be, what you should desire and what to strive for. The decision to follow myself consistently, be it into an esoteric world of dreams, gives me this serenity; being uninvolved with this agitated world and its self-deception. Let them talk, let them rush and hunt each other. Salvation lies in inner emigration, into the holy truth: into the temple. I too, I let myself be degraded by earthly needs, in a life before this one – don’t you know that we have more than one life and that this one is not the first life of the ancient soul inhabiting me? My old life led me deep into an abyss. I lost myself in a rush to satisfy deceptive desires. I wore myself out until I lost myself, didn’t feel anything anymore and was suffering both physically and mentally. Yet, when I hit rock bottom, I saved myself, helped by a mysterious force I found deep inside myself. I liberated myself from ill-fated chains, like a bird that escapes from the snake’s throat, like the soul that escapes from the ashes of death. Purified, like a lotus flower on dark morass, I now relax in golden light… You think I talk in riddles? Then marvel at me as if I were a sphynx! Enter my temple! I will rescue you from your life. And while you turn me into the object of your desire, you become the object of my research.




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Profession: Former label manager, now sociology student

Languages: German, English

Height: 160 cm

Shoes: 37

Figure: Voluptuously curvy, supple and muscular

Eye color: Jade brown

Hair color: White heat

Skin tone: Golden orchid

Parfume: Champs-Élysées, Guerlain

Favourite drink: Dry Martini with an Olive

Favourite food: King prawns

Favorite restaurant: Ryōtei Berlin