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Nali Labé

I am a rebel with a cause. (Nina Simone)


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Nali Labé will come up to you with the most mesmerizing smile: half shy, half challenging. Nali Labé is an enticing contradiction: a refined child of nature, a sophisticated tomboy. She combines the grace of a princesse coquine with the body of an elegant huntress, like an Artemis of the South with a Caribbean-Egyptian complexion. When have you ever beheld a creature with such narrow hips and endless legs? Nali’s elegant walk, her straight back and wonderful crown of hair all bear the signs of a pharaoh’s daughter: majestic and with natural pride. Yet, her heart is that of a dreamy child: trusting and unspoilt. The shiny inlays of her lioness eyes glance at all of those white men as if they were playmates.



Nali Labé about herself.

Your eyes on my skin. I feel them with every move I make. You cannot take your eyes from my young body. And I dance! You observe me like you would a loot, however, I am unconquerable, carried by my own rhythm and by my tremendous urge to move up into higher and unassailable spheres. Only he who approaches me while dancing, will come close to me, intoxicated. I provoke; I yearn to provoke. I am a feminist, of course. I love my freedom; I am emancipated, armed with a keen spirit and with the weaponry of the Enlightenment – when I march into battle together with my friends. Louise Labé! Olympe de Gouges! Yet, my friends’ battle, I turn into my own flirtatious play with a timelessly handsome man’s lust. A man whom I select myself, only to allow him to conquer me afterwards – by mutual consent. Because in the end, I am a veritable princess. Something my friends can envy me for.



Profession: student for French literature

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish

Height: 1,74m

Figure: slender, leggy

Breasts: 75B

Skin: cherry wood

Eyes: Tahitian pearls

Hair: African

Parfume: “Royal Oud” (Creed)

Favorite restaurant: Bandol Sur Mer