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Salomé Balthus

To love an intelligent woman is a pederast's pleasure (Charles Baudelaire)
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All good spirits should warn you against this nymphet, for you might become addicted to her.

Petite like a doll, this creature stands in front of you and looks up to you batting her eyelashes. This by itself is a perverse situation, albeit maybe only to the true connoisseur’s eye. Salomé is an expert in erotic secrets and imagination. She loves playing the lead role in her semi-legal phantasies, with her capricious presence and a natural ease that leaves little doubt about how much she loves being in her own world. You can either follow her to that place, if you want, or you just listen to the girl and enjoy the show. However, be cautious: Even if Salomé’s depraved ideas makes you go crazy with desire; her body is vulnerable and it needs to be handled with tender care.



Salomé Balthus about herself.

Oh excuse me; did I make you wait a few minutes? But perhaps you had already been waiting for me for an eternity! For my part, I will be confiding as if we were old friends. I will snuggle up against you, supple and soft. Do you actually know, what you are getting yourself into? This is only the beginning! My strong imagination is a sweet drug that blurs the boundaries between phantasy and the reality of your unconfessed desires. It is only a game, though: the things we whisper to one another and the things you will do with me later on; in the lightness of this game we are beyond good and evil.




Profession: writer

Languages: German, English, French, Italian

Height: 158 cm

Figure: petite

Breats: 65B

Shoes: 36

Eyes: glacial ice

Skin: honey gold

Hair: noisette

Parfume: Fawn (Ellis Brooklyn)

Favorite drink: Champagner (Ruinard Blanc de Blancs)

Favorite dish: the dessert

Favorite restaurant: Nobelhart&Schmutzig

Facebook: @salome.balthus

Twitter: @Salome_herself

Instagram: @salome_herself

War on the shacks

There once was a young man. By young I mean a member of my own generation. Born a few months before me. Same country, same time. The difference: I am a sex worker, he can afford sex work. The distribution of power is clear. Or not?

Behaving Oneself

I don’t want to belong. I don’t want respect. I don’t want to be accepted, nor proper, nor fitting. I want the resentment, the hate of all who say of themselves they are normal.
After all most are suspicious. One is vigilant against participating in something only because everyone else is. A banal insight, really, anything but creative, the moral of every other great novel. Everyone dies for themselves alone. Nonetheless, people don’t get it into their heads that they’re alone, transcendentally lonely, solo, and can’t talk themselves out of it by saying they’re only doing what everybody does, that they’re adapting to the circumstances.

Righteous rubber

And if you get pregnant that is a divine gift, the greatest blessing of all! I love pregnant women!
He even said when I’m heavy with child, with a sphere for a belly and full breasts, he would definitely want to see me. I wouldn’t have to worry anymore, you can’t get doubly pregnant, hahaha.
Haha, and you’d also pay alimony?
Come off it, he said sternly, I’m not going to let you take advantage of me!
Hahaha, I laughed once more, snatched my things, my fee, and left the hotel room.