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Aya Velázquez

Forget safety. Live, where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. (Rumi)
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Aya Veláquez is from a good family,  elegant and vivid. Brought up with the traditional rigour of elite boarding schools. Refuges of decency, designed to safeguard the blossoming beauty from the intoxicating carnality of unknown cities. However, Aya has tasted from a forbidden nectar and by doing so has discovered her own inner secret. She went to Brazil and dove into the heart of the tropics – this code for all that is terrific and hazardous in the unconscious, sensual to the point of being horrific. Ever since, she has dedicated her whole being, all of her intellectual curiosity to the ecstasy. Aya carries out anthropological field research into changed states of consciousness. Aya does not strive for pleasure, but rather for the highest form of lust, the vanishing of boundaries and for the spiritual fusion with something bigger than herself.



Aya Velázquez about herself.

 Come closer: I want to know for real who you are. I want to learn from you. My curiosity goes far, maybe further than you have ever reached into your own soul. Yet, I do not want to disdainfully analyse you from the outside or even from above: I want to experience you, want to surrender myself to my awareness of you. All of this vain superficiality is of no interest to me; I am more interested in the intrinsic connection that exists between you and the world, our common origin. Wholeness. Together, let us be more than the sum of our petty day-to-day ‘selves’. The darkness deep inside you attracts me; it drags me down and makes me want to descend into your abysses, humbled like a raptured mystic, who devotedly takes your sinful vice upon herself and sacrifices herself to ecstasy. You cannot expect anything less from me than to be a goddess – because of you.


Profession: Anthropologist, Start-up founder

Languages: German, Portuguese, English, French, Italian

Height: 1,68m

Figure: slender, lithe

Breasts: 75B

Skin: umbra

Eye colour: agate

Hair coulour: Cumarú

Parfume: Balenciaga

Favourite drink: Nero d´Avola

Favourite restaurant: Cookies Cream (vegan)

Twitter: @aya_velazquez