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Sonjuscha Salaí

Intelligence is the gift of the Devil (Fyodor Dostoevsky)
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You do not know Salaí? Salaí was a renaissance creature, foster child of Leonardo da Vinci, model, painter and muse, a male prostitute from Florence. Rumour has it that he posed for the painting of Mona Lisa. The devilish fellow not only stole from Leonardo; he deceived and infatuated him; was his demon. Now imagine this wicked creature in the body of a modern-day woman: a female dandy, well-educated and with a sharp mind, a performer. Add a touch of a Russian avant-garde palette to this image and  there she is, the unique and mysterious Sonjuscha. Behold Sonjuscha’s slender silhouette, the way it slinks across a dark parquet floor, naked, smooth like a cat. Her eerily white skin bears the marks of excess. However, Sonjuscha’s superior regard sorts and organises the world around her. How confusing this restrained allure is in a woman whose profession lies in the performance of lascivious lewdness; exponentiated by the dark eye of the film camera to which she succumbs. In each and every moment of her life, Sonjuscha knows exactly what effect she wants to have and she effortlessly succeeds in it.



Sonjuscha Salaí about herself.

You may think I am shy, almost distanced. I make no noise. I eschew the big theatrical appearance; I prefer to leave the room to you. Fatiguing small talk is not my metier. I rather show you how unnecessary it is, for I create intense closeness in a different way. You know I am infinitely depraved and cool, which is why you order me, you conjure up my art. From the very beginning, that is the prerequisite. So why small talk? I am, upon your unspoken desire, your pageboy, providing both of us with the most wonderful amenities. I am the shifty elf guiding you and absorbing your most tender impulses. Under my experienced guidance we cross the boundaries of our bodies and lose ourselves. Behind my conciliatory smile always lurks the ecstatic cry, electrified with excitement.




Profession: Alternative porn director, psychologist


Height: 165 cm

Shoe size: 36

Figure: Slender like a boy

Skin tone: Cocaine white

Eye colour: Amber gold

Hair colour: Platinum garcon cut

Perfume: Krigler L’Hermitage Heritage

Favourite drink: Stolichnaya

Favourite food: Cocktail cherries

Favourite restaurant: Sra Bua

Twitter: @CandyFlipBerlin


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