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Frequently asked questions about escort dating with respect
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Can she come now?

You have already organised everything? You are at a five star hotel, freshly showered, dressed and you have already ordered a table? Please, give us a chance to catch up with you: Please book at least 24 hours in advance.

 Those who rush stumble and fall (Shakespeare)

What actually is a hetaera?

There are call girls; there are escorts; and there are modern hetaerae, the descendants of courtesans in modern society. Perhaps your hetaera resembles the girlfriend, whom you have not seen since your childhood. Or the beautiful stranger in the flow of passers-by. Or perhaps the novel character you would have liked to have as your friend.

What you may expect


Intelligence and appropriate behaviour. Genuine feelings, no false kindness. Openness, tolerance and empathy. An interest in you as a person, not in your place in society. Charm, spirit, wit and the art of conversation without being boring.

Where can you meet a hetaera for a date?

In the bar of a first class hotel. In a high-end restaurant, a glamourous club, a theatre lobby… Any place that with its discreet and luxurious setting can provide the guise of coincidence for the first encounter, as well as maximum freedom for both sides.

The delicate moment of payment

Surely, you have enough sense of tact not to wave with your banknotes in public. Therefore, please hand over the agreed upon fee in an open envelope or, for example, between the pages of a magazine.

And, of cause: no bargaining, gentlemen!

A typical date

We advise you to first get to know each other a bit over a drink, in order to establish whether there is mutual sympathy. Once you have a good impression, you can take the opportunity to hand over the fee to the hetaera in a discreet manner. If not, the hetaera will leave inconspicuously and without further consequence. If you are going to spend the evening together, you may want to continue your conversation over a nice meal. However, it is completely up to you, what you and your hetaera will be engaging in during, after or even before the dinner. After all, you are both adults.

Take me to the moon!

If you wish to experience something special together with your hetaera, you are invited to be creative. If not, we are very happy to help you. Whether you like to visit a nice restaurant somewhere away from the tourists, or you like to get an individual tour of the city; the best way to discover Berlin is with a Berlinerin at your side.


Every hetaera guarantees a stylish appearance, physical health and the best possible mood. We guarantee absolute discretion, also in our own interest. A hetaera will only show up in your life after she has been invited to do so. After this, she will disappear from your life without leaving any marks; except for nice memories.