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The column of the whore

Do you dare to dance?

I queued up to Butler’s podium. When it was my turn I didn’t ask her about her theories. I asked her:“Dou you dare to dance?”An enchantingly embarrassing smile flashed across her face. There were so many waiting their turn in line. I should just dance alone.“It’s a party, isn’t it?”What a diplomatic response. My feeling: she was in a funk. It must have come as a horrid surprise for her to realize what was going on here: the enemy was leading her into temptation.

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Abolitionism is hypocrisy

What peeves me most about the abolitionists is their hypocrisy. No, they don’t hate sex workers. They just don’t believe that they exist. Prostitutes are for them, namely, not women who work, but rather women who are wronged with violence. In us they see victims, not acting subjects. That they themselves are doing violence to us which they ascribe to the patriarchy, they do not see.No, they don’t want to criminalize us. Only our clients. They don’t want to take away our jobs. They just don’t want anybody to pay us for what we do.No, they don’t hate foreigners. They just don’t want them in their city, in their country.

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Beeing a happy hooker

The door closes behind me. I am alone in the long corridor of an elegant hotel. It’s the middle of the night; guests are sleeping behind monotonous hotel room doors. In the elevator, a quick glance in the mirror – my hair is wet, my eye make-up is smudged, but my skin is glowing, my cheeks are rosy after sex and I feel pretty. I believe I never look as good as I do after some hours of fruitful sex.

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