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The column of the whore

Kinky Tory

What the Tory hog wanted? He wanted my curvaceous blonde colleague, Alicia, and me for a spanking scenario. Spanking. Slaps on the arse, to get a good hiding, to give someone a good thrashing. A fetish one knows in my line of work that occurs with above average regularity among those born in the British Isles, particularly the English. (FYI: in Germany the most common fetish by far is anal sex, which of course is related to our history.)

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The Law of Double Standards

In the puff-prose on my website I advertise myself as satisfying a certain niche fetish: that of a girlish woman. Now, you’ll be quick to say: that’s not for you. You’re no pervert. But, make no mistake, I have my customers. Like this one. A jurist. Criminal law. But when I write about my clients, it’s not to gossip. I do so only with good reason. I wanted to share this story so as to demonstrate something. Expose a hidden reality – not just gratify sordid voyeurism.

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The eroticism of adultery

“But what if married men come to you?” the radio host asked me in a rigid tone. “Is that okay for you?”
There’s the eroticism in marriage, and there’s the eroticism of marriage. The eroticism of marriage is adultery.

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