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Joy without Compromise


Is there anything more stylish than the culture of gallantry that has been cultivated by courtesans and hetaeras as well as their lovers for thousands of years? There would be no courtesy, no politeness in the history of mankind if it had not been for the power of self-confident women who seduced without instantly having themselves being taken possession of. The semi-allowed, the delay of fulfilment, the channelling of raw desire makes the difference and is the key to the mysterious and immeasurable realm of eroticism.


Highclass Escort for Gentlemen and Gentlewomen


You belong to the international elite, a demanding, sophisticated class of its own that does not only visit German-speaking cities such as Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna and Wien just for the usual sights. At night, after business, you like to be spoilt and have a wonderful time, preferably in erotic, inspiring company… All the time, you are looking forward to your visit in that new, cool restaurant with this mysterious woman whose pictures on the agency’s site have bedazzled you. A hetaera is always exclusive; on average, she never goes on more than one date a week, after preparing for it like one would for a party. Then, during the rendezvous, she will try to satisfy her companion’s every requirement and to spend an unforgettably wonderful evening with him that remains open and full of surprises until the very end.

There is only one thing we know for sure: You will want to do it again.



What distinguishes HETAERA from conventional highclass escort services?


When we talk about highclass escort, aesthetics and gallant sophistication immediately come to mind – it is about an all-encompassing experience that addresses all senses as well as the intellect. Clients booking a highclass escort are looking for lightness and elegance. They want to escape from everyday life, without jeopardising their private life. The experience remains an isolated event, discreet and secret, as if it took place in a different world, a parallel universe, in which we are someone else.


The art of eroticism


Eroticism is an all-round art form, including spirit, intellect and feelings. The wittier a person is; the more erotic he or she can be – as soon as someone has found the key to his or her heart. On the other hand, he is also even harder to seduce and to satisfy. Only a true high-class escort, a hetaera, an artist of eroticism who is dedicated to her cause and dedicates her entire presence of mind to him, is able to thus actually satisfy her client.


Unique Companionship


The companionship of a high-class escort is valuable. The fact that it is also a costly matter is self-explanatory, for it enables the high-class escort’s way of life. Yet, a highclass escort never gets rich at the expense of others; she rather goes out of her way in her next enchanting and capricious performance, in order for her benefactor to be part of that which he has given to her. Perhaps she spent it on a gorgeous perfume, those obligatory ballet lessons, an appointment at the hairdresser’s, a lovely lace negligee. Or maybe on those three newspaper subscriptions, theatre tickets or books; or on that non-package holiday or even higher education. Those fetishists who want a soap opera-addicted housewife in baggy sweatpants for a lover are actually a minority. The feeling that a high-class escort gives her fans is so rare that they are gladly willing to pay its prize. In everyday life, we encounter so many people who are only concerned with themselves. In their presence, we realise quickly that everything is about their interests, about their needs, their uncertainties, their hunger for attention. In order to protect yourself, you start to shut yourself off to those people and grow lonely inside. A dangerous development.  Yet, a high-class escort like Salomé Balthus, Elsa Sontag,  Lola Strawinksy, Liv Lugosi, Leah Féline, Juliette Morrigán, Dahlia Nyx, Tamara D´Aragona, Vivinen Koshka, Irina Elias, Liliana Velásquez, and Esmeralda de Luna recognises this loneliness and is able to deliver us from this everyday life armour, because, in contrast with other people, she does not always merely demand, but offers a lot of herself.  A hetaera is a personality who, more than others, is willing to draw from inside out and release her spirit into the interpersonal realm.


The Culture of Hetaeras


Our aim is the sublimation and the refinement of taste, the game of reciprocal seduction, of charming and having fun, the appealing through an inexhaustible appeal. Be it in Berlin, Europe or worldwide; the personal contact with a highclass escort in the tradition of hetaeras and great courtesans raises the astute connoisseur’s self-esteem; it enhances his existence, his way of life. We hetaeras are meant for connoisseurs who love easy-going flirting without being able to spend too much time on it. Seduction at the accelerated pace of one night or even a couple of hours. You leave with the feeling of being individually appreciated as a lover and a connoisseur; never merely serviced and dealt with.


A creative act


A hetaera is an artist who creates a lifestyle, an entirely new world in which you are a baroque king, a magnificent rajah, a passionate bon-vivant. A high-class escort’s intoxicating presence, her enchantment is not limited to her beauty and grace; not every pretty model or intelligent academic can become a highclass escort at Hetaera Berlin. She has to be a truly extraordinary creature, with whom you can fall in love head over heel, because she is always so intangible and at the same time is more dedicated to you than any one of those in your everyday life who are so occupied with themselves. There is that certain something in their air of angelic amorality of the sunlit carelessness of a child’s spirit in this relentlessly grown-up world. To be free from conventions, not out of protest, but rather because they are beneath them and the laws of the masses do not apply to them. They do not take society too seriously, yet perhaps because of this, they possess a clear-eyed view of the humaneness of the men with whom they spend time.

Or, as Truman Capote describes his protagonist Holly Golightly, a true blue high-class escort girl in New York City, in his novel Breakfast at Tiffany’s:


But I induced no hunger for friends of longer acquaintance: They seemed now like a salt-free sugarless diet.


It is all about dedication and refreshing conversation, victory over boredom in the company of others. The art of escaping everyday life, of cultivating the very best life has to offer: ability to rejoice.



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