Basma Lorde

Close your eyes. Fall in love. Stay there. – Rumi
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Basma Lorde

Basma Lorde

Consultant for corporate culture



Languages: English, German (Bilingual)

Size: 174cm

Figure: feminine, toned

BH: 75C

Eye Color: Opium

Hair color: Oud

Skin Tone: Toffee

Perfume: Sellier, Byredo

Favorite drink: Californian wines

Favorite restaurant: Facil




Basma Lorde, a diplomat’s daughter, raised in Saudi Arabia. A girl from the land of the frankincense tree. Think precious woods, hidden gardens, protected from prying eyes A bittersweet, pure beauty with lips that blossom like roses. Such delicate skin, melting, balmy – just like ambergris exuding its fragrance when gently touched. Basma’s warm, silky body vibrates almost imperceptibly. Her delicate joints and collarbones, high cheekbones, the misty glow of her dark eyes… everything is full of excitement. Flickeringly alert, permeable… She has a lustful appetite for movement that at any given moment can erupt into a wild urge for freedom. Basma has kept in touch with her natural instincts, her inner glow. She is a fiery horse that throws back its head, beguiled by the south wind – and that smoothly hugs its equals.




Basma about herself.


I am a true cosmopolitan. My international background has shaped me. I was born in a kingdom, an absolute monarchy. I grew up without a mother, as a father’s child in a man’s world. It granted me an essential privilege: I was always allowed to be free. In embassy villas and elite schools as well as in the Summers that I spent in California. Incidentally, I am an American citizen. My love of freedom is what drives me. Setting off into the great outdoors, the euphoria of movement! Giving my body what it needs makes me feel the suffering of others. I can’t help but see myself as part of a social movement! Even as a child, I never closed my eyes to the cruelty of the world that I knew was sparing me. Those who are free must help others to free themselves. Only those who know themselves can be free; but a person can only know themselves in an atmosphere of love. I firmly believe that physical intimacy can be healing. Only those who free themselves from fear can bear the truth. Yes, I believe I am free!


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