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Juliette Morrigán

I have dreamt dreams that have gone through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind. (Emily Brontë)
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Juliette Morrigán is the descendant of an ancient Scottish clan. Her graceful features, her translucent paleness, the touch of red in her hair, all link her to a noble family with roots that reach so far back in history, that their trace is lost in the Arthurian legend. Juliette herself appears like an ethereal elf, as if she has emerged from a painting by Milias. Yet deep inside her, there is a hot, glowing passion. Behind the demure and well-disciplined exterior, the naughty girl, the wild child repeatedly triumphs. She was in love with her tango teacher. And how! The handsome Argentinian who was supposed to give this impish nymph the finishing touches as a debutante. Well, if one can recognize a boy in love by his shyness, one can recognize a girl in love by her boldness. And so the sensual young Juliette hid in the long grass of an overgrown rose garden to avoid a caning by her governess. And what she did there under the big open sky is known only by the Celtic faeries who assisted her.

When the grass was no longer high enough for the lanky teenager, Miss Morrigán fled to Buenos Aires to spend long summer nights in steamy milongas, fulfilling her longing for dance and passion.



Juliette Morrigán about herself.

I want you to feel completely free! I myself have happily cast off the shackles of my social status. The family ties, the title and the inheritance. And it feels wonderful! When I was growing up, money was not important. Today I know that I don’t really need it – at least not millions. Just a little bit, for beautiful stockings, new soles for my tango shoes, or for toys. I have a growing collection of very naughty toys, since discovering Berlin as my chosen home. Here I have found just what I have always longed for: decadent kinkyness and libertinage, the feeling of limitlessness. These lascivious vibes that give even the morning walk to the bakery a certain tingle of excitement. For example, when the vibrator in my handbag gets all independent and switches itself on. But I am independent too! Let me be your guide in a forbidden night, in the dark depths of your soul.



Profession: Sexological Bodywork Sexcoach, Translator

Languages: English, German, Spanish

Height: 173 cm

Body type: tall and skinny

Bust: small and sensual

Complexion: english pallor, with freckles

Eye colour: Chestnut

Hair colour:  A touch of red

Perfume: Sycamore, Chanel

Favourite drink: Oloroso

Favourite dish: Blackberries

Favourite restaurant: Zenkichi