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Juliette Morrigán

I have dreamt dreams that have gone through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind. (Emily Brontë)
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Juliette Morrigan is a rare being. Her graceful features, her translucent complexion, the touch of red in her hair, all distinguish her as a member of an ancient, Celtic family, whose roots reach so far back that they mingle with the Arthurian legend. Juliette herself appears like an ethereal elf, as if she has emerged from a painting by Millais. Yet deep inside her, there is a glowing passion. Behind the demure and well-disciplined exterior, the naughty girl, the wild child repeatedly triumphs. As a teenager, she had an untamed curiosity for Celtic rites, especially the secrets of erotic magic. This impish nymph hid with her girlfriends in the long grass of an overgrown rose garden, eager to explore every facet of sensuality. When the grass was no longer high enough to hide the awakening, lustful teenager, Miss Morrigan fled to India, to receive teaching in the secret, tantric love rituals. What she experienced there, high in the sacred Himalayas, is known only to the initiates who welcomed her there.



Juliette Morrigán about herself.

Feel completely free! You can entrust me with your deepest secrets. And also live them. Let us do crazy things, at times curious and playful, naughty and wild, at times tender and shy. For me sex is like a dance. And I live for dancing, for the sweet, ecstatic moments of self-oblivion, when two bodies vibrate in the same rhythm. And where else can we dance, if not in Berlin? I love this pulsating city. Here I have found what I always longed for: decadent kink and libertinage, the feeling of limitlessness. Dance with me! Let me be your guide in a forbidden, unforgettable night.



Profession: Interpreter, Certified Sex Coach

Languages: English, German, Spanish

Height: 177 cm

Shoes: 42

Body type: Tall and Skinny

Complexion: English pallor, with freckles

Eye colour: Chestnut

Hair colour:  A touch of red

Perfume: Sycomore, Chanel

Favourite drink: Oloroso

Favourite dish: Traditional Japanese

Favourite restaurant: Zenkichi