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Elsa Sontag

I believe in pink (Audrey Hepburn)
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Whomever Elsa Sontag wants, she gets, for it is impossible to escape her natural noblesse. Virtuously, yet never slickly, she puts a spell on men and women alike. Even in the seemingly unguarded moment when she turns away to peel off her extravagant couture coat, her smooth neck and the flawlessly shaped back of her head know how to beguile admirers’ eyes. Everything about her exudes star quality: her topaz-blue Hollywood eyes; her precise movements; the lurking tranquility of her smile and the impulsiveness of her clear laughs, that will feel like a sparkling shower to you. Please spare her from the cumbersome rituals of haute cuisine and do not try to win her with cheap champagne. Such things do not impress Elsa. She is rather grateful for an excellent piece of steak, exquisite G&Ts and an invigorating conversation. And for good sex.


Elsa Sontag about herself.

I am clear, yet intoxicating. Like a dry gin in a crystal glass. However, I do not need to get drunk in order to be myself. I am much too composed. And frankly, I do not need it; I know too well what effect I can have on people. However, it has never been the result of a willful effort; I do not desire to please at all costs. In lieu of talking about myself, I would much rather discuss more profound topics with you. Art, style, fate, whatever moves you. My way of reading details will entertain you more than any thriller could ever do. I am your well-versed companion for any selected sinful deeds, always with class and decorum. If you are tactful, you may feel the tender and sensitive nakedness underneath my deliberate rigour, that is not accessible to everyone.




Profession: dancer for modern dance

Languages: german, englisch

Heigh: 165cm

Shoes: 39 (Heels 38)

Figure: well shaped feminine, curvy

Skin tone: powder rosé

Eyes: topaz blue

Hair: liquorice

Parfume: Chypre Palatin, Parfums MDCI

Favorite drink: Gin-Tonic

Favorite dish: meat

Favorite restaurant: Tulus Lotrek