General Terms and Booking Conditions



  1. At the beginning of the rendezvous



The client is asked to carry the fee with him in cash on arrival and, in case of a mutual agreement, hand it over to the hetaera directly and discreetly at the beginning of the rendezvous.*

The hetaera calculates the rate for the total amount of time during which she will keep the client company. Any possible sexual acts are merely a part of this service and may only take place with the consent of both parties.


  1. Locations and scenarios

Possible locations for a hetaera’s activities include 5-star hotels and higher classified hotels as well as public places such as restaurants, bars, clubs, spas, theatres and other cultural institutions or generally interesting tourist attractions. Not appropriate however, are private properties, such as flats, homes, holiday homes, guesthouses, apartments, cars, private jets and yachts, or remote places with a weak infrastructure.*

A hetaera always provides her services for one individual male or female client, or for a couple (male/female, female/female). Bookings by more than one male client or more than three people are

declined for safety reasons. A hetaera will only visit private events, such as celebrations and erotic parties as the personal escort of the paying client(s) and she has no liabilities towards other people present at such events.**


  1. Premature end

Subsequent amendments to the agreement during the provision of the service are only permitted, if they entail the extension of the duration of the rendezvous and never the shortening, unless the previously agreed upon fee remains unchanged.


  1. Travels

Travels are possible starting from a booking duration of more than 8 hours. Please, send your request at least 1 week in advance.

The agreement can be annulled at the latest 24 hours before the service is provided. If so, advance payments will be reimbursed, minus the expenses made for non-reimbursable travel costs, such as booked tickets or hotel rooms.

In case the trip is cancelled less than 24 hours before the hetaera’s departure from Berlin, the heaera will retain the full amount as an expense allowance.


  1. Liability

Every single hetaera works freelance, is self-employed and is only liable for her own services and her own behaviour.

The agreement is not between the client and Hetaera Berlin, but explicitly between the client and the individual hetaera. As soon as the hetaera and the client have reached an agreement, either in a spoken (on the spot) or in a written manner (via email), this agreement becomes effective. Hetaera Berlin shall not assume liability for potential financial losses, nor for occurred damages, neither on the part of the procured hetaera, nor that of the client.


* In case no agreement is reached, the hetaera receives an expense allowance in the amount of 100,- €

** Any possible exemptions must be agreed upon and put in writing by the individual hetaera and her client.