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Friends of Hetaera... like Josepha Nereus


Another kind of hetaira:

Kristina Marlen – Bondage Lady, Bizarre Lady and Tantric Dominatrix in Berlin. Erotic Bondage Ritual, Sensual Dominance and Tantric Massages. Sessions, Workshops and Coaching for Singles, Couples and Groups.

My offer to you is to create an extraordinary, sensual and erotic experience for you. Erotic touch is an art and it’s my profession. Erotic artists, hectares, muses, geishas, temple whores as well as the common hooker have been an integral part of the social life at all times, even though they’ve not always been officially appreciated and treasured. I count myself amongst the members of these traditions.


Friends of Hetaera... like Josepha Nereus


Josefa Nereus, our friend from Hamburg! Warm, sensual and very smart! Visit her when you continue your journey to the north of Germany.

Maybe in a ménage-à-trois together with Anouk Téboul?


Another Salome!

Please take care – she is a  Dominatrix! Ask for a Session à trois…  With Salomé Balthus as playmate.

The Nobelhart&Schmutzig might be Berlin´s best fine dining restaurant. At least for fans of a “brutally local” taste!



Take me to the candy shop! Schwarzer Reiter at Torstraße, next to Soho House Berlin.