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Tamara d`Aragona

Si vous ne pouvez pas contrôler une Ferrari, vous la conduisez contre le mur. (Monica Belluci)


DemandeMon cadeau

Tamara D’Aragona is so beautiful that anyone who sees her risks going blind. Blind with prejudice: Not everyone can reconcile the fact that this pin-up girl with a Russian accent is mentally superior to them with their world view. It is the extreme erudition of a daughter of Ashkenazi intelligentsia. In Tamara’s soft features one can still recognize the childlike enamel of the little Jewish girl, from whose serious eyes centuries-old knowledge speaks. Tamara’s spirit is disciplined and rebellious, dreamy and proud. What else but pride should this woman carry within her, who one day stood before the mirror of her clean girl’s room and recognized herself: the exquisite hourglass figure that would have made a Pygmalion cry. The flood of real, blue-black hair, silky flowing over her white shoulders. Her neck like a slender tower with a parapet. The breasts: two twin deer… And a look as fiery as that of a Cinecittà diva. She emerges from deep darkness, Tamara d’Aragona, before the theatre performance begins, before the red velvet curtain opens. Blood red velvet is the fabric to drape this body, arousing like a sharp weapon. And Tamara rises, strong as the golem…



Tamara d’Aragona about herself

I dedicate my existence to dance. What else can I do with a body like mine? I love the theatre, the erotic refinement of burlesque. Why should I conceal my forms when I can dress them in the most precious laces and ribbons? Corsets and corsages, bodices and collars, elaborate costumes decorated with feathers and rhinestones, which opulently celebrate the female beauty. I am a muse of the Belle Époque. That is where my rapturous heart belongs: the twilight of romanticism, the decline into intoxication and sweet melancholy. All that is sad, beautiful and dark, all that is lustful, thirsty elegy and the ripe wine of life. Drink it with me, my admirer, and feast on my beauty. I am a creature from a bygone age. A creature from ancient times that are still passing by. My beauty is that of the ancient empires, and if I worship my it is because I know that it is only borrowed from the eternal. Shower my living flesh with sparkling wine.



Profession: Danseuse Burlesque 

Langues: Allemand, Anglais, Français, Russe, Hébreu

Taille : 165 cm

Pointure : 38

Silhouette : Figure de pin up

Couleur des yeux : Belladonne

Teinte de peau : Clair de lune

Couleur des cheveux : Noir profond

Parfum : Parfums de Marly, Delina

Boisson favorite : Champagne Dom Pérignon Rosé

Mets favori : Huîtres

Local fétiche : Facil


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