A propaganda event for abolitionism, against prostitution. A public event, but rarely visited: A small hall, a quarter full, three quarters empty. At the podium six women, abolitionists with one goal: eliminating prostitution. Or, better yet, banishing the prostitutes. At least from pleasant, morally wholesome Germany. And punishing their clients, men. In the eyes of the abolitionists men are nothing more than nasty sweating monsters. Their sperm is nearly as dangerous as atomic waste — unless spilled from love inside the woman with whom the man wants to have a stable relationship.

Or in a woman who isn’t being paid for it.



“Abolitionism is love”


In the first three rows fans who apparently know one another laugh, boo, or clap at the same time and in the same way.


Theses being spun:

  • Sex workers who claim they would do the job of their own accord, or even gladly, are the victims of the patriarchy’s brainwashing. “Ninety percent” of them are victims of abuse during their childhoods and carry on this pattern. These sex workers, when they are old one day, will recognize this lifelong lie and self-deception. And it will be terrible.
  • One is not allowed to call sex work sex work. For it is neither work nor a hobby, but rather violence toward women. Those who pay women for sex can also rape them. They are equally bad.
  • If a woman indeed works willingly as a prostitute, she makes money on the suffering of thousands of women who are victims of human trafficking and exploitation. For of course there wouldn’t be such victims if prostitution were banned.
  • Prohibiting the sale of sex effectively prevents criminal prostitution.
  • Trade union organisation and prostitution are mutually exclusive because prostitutes aren’t capable of the former. Professional organisations are comprised exclusively of members of the pimp mafia, who exerts their influence on politics. And politicians do everything the pimps tell them.
  • Nobody wants to punish the prostitutes. Only their clients. Nobody wants to take away their sex workers’ jobs. Only their clients.
  • Genitals are neither sacred (the vagina) nor disgusting (the penis).
  • Abolitionism is love.


As I raise my hand I am called a pimp. I am urged to find a “proper” job instead of continuing to cause the suffering of forced prostitutes. After all, women like me are the real perpetrators.

Does this warrant a response?



What peeves me most about the abolitionists is their hypocrisy.


No, they don’t hate sex workers. They just don’t believe that they exist. Prostitutes are for them, namely, not women who work, but rather women who are wronged with violence. In us they see victims, not acting subjects. That they themselves are doing violence to us which they ascribe to the patriarchy, they do not see.


No, they don’t want to criminalize us. Only our clients. They don’t want to take away our jobs. They just don’t want anybody to pay us for what we do.

No, they don’t hate foreigners. They just don’t want them in their city, in their country. Saying this comes more naturally when sex workers who are also foreigners are at issue. They then claim these women would rather not be here at all. They claim these women would rather go back home to a proper job in their family circles. That it is precisely said families for whose sake these women are making money in wealthy countries, they do not see.

No, they do not close their eyes to the hardship. They merely think that if these women are already in Germany (Sweden, Norway, France, wherever), then they should at least be invisible. Disappear into the working poor. They think it’s okay when young eastern European women clean their apartments illegally but not when eastern European women sleep with German men for the same money. That behind this invasive paternalism lurks sheer disgust for the lower class, they do not see. No, they are not enemies of sexuality. But things should always proceed morally. They are open to the desire for sexual freedom. But they must fit the Christian family image. A woman must be able to do with her body what she wants! Just not with her holy vagina. A woman’s body belongs to her alone – unless she wants to sell it. That this fits the patriarchal image in which a woman must keep her body at the disposal of the institutions of the family and state, they do not see. No, they are not against liberal society. They want only the things they like to be allowed. Laws should exist to create for them the country they desire. That nations in which everyone is of the same opinion do not a developed civilization make, they do not see.

And I think they really don’t see it. They’re not even cynical. They’re just right-wing.