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Lola Strawinsky

There is nothing more sensible to do in this wonderful world, than to play. (Henrik Ibsen)
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You see this charming brat with her mischievous elves’ look? Lola Strawinsky: stubborn and cool. And when it comes to her being a lady, she’s always self-ironic. You cannot stop looking at her, this bewitched picture puzzle: lady – brat – lady – Berlin brat! Time and again, her enchanted cheek shows, even though Lola’s elegant body has all the assets for a grand star pose. Yet, Lola doesn’t want to become sophisticated; with all her strength, she resists the diva in her. She’s only playing the elegant lady! In this play lies her seriousness, for every real game can only be played when you take it seriously, like children do. There’s something about Lola’s lanky charm that evokes protective instincts, a vulnerable feature in this furious firebird. Maybe she is not all grown-up yet – or maybe she is all the more? Aren’t only the very young that fearlessly idealistic; that self-assured in their blissful delusion, before they are forced to demean themselves in lazy compromises? Maybe Lola is someone who just can’t do this: who can’t adapt to the lethargy of the system. She’s too innocent. Her loyalty is solely dedicated to curiosity. 



Lola about herself.

You know what it’s like, to be singing in the dark? To be conquering your fear and be suddenly struck by this feeling of unfathomable freedom? It is uplifting. It must be how young birds feel, when they first fly. When in free fall they spread their wings and realise they can do it. Me, I can do it, too. I don’t live according to the ethical compass of others. Nothing is defined as a fixed form, but rather nimble like a beacon that yearns for the immeasurable sky. Even though you may still sense my shyness, based on my inner quiver when I am standing in front of you naked, helpless just for a moment, exposed. I have just saved myself, just silenced the doubts that I am still feeling sometimes: Maybe freedom after all is nothing but a sparse nightlight seducing us like wistful moths and when we indulge in it, it devours us with neck and crop? And then we die, consumed by a burning desire? Still, is there a more beautiful fate, my gentle companion?




Profession: Actress

Languages: German, English

Height: 172

Shoes: 41

Figure: Youthful, lanky

Skin tone: Ivory

Hair colour: Copper red

Eye colour: Forest lake green

Perfume: Flora Nymphea, Guerlain

Favourite drink: Port, dark beer

Favourite food: Berliner Luft

Favourite restaurant: Borchardt


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